MesodrainerTM System generates impulses which produce muscle contractions, with specific characteristics for each application.

The waves emitted by the MesodrainerTM System activate superficial and deep circulation, whilst concurrently stimulating the local metabolism, increasing nutritional replacement processes.

The excitomotor current generated by MesodrainerTM System induces, at muscle level, the production of isometric contractions. The effectiveness of these contractions can be put down to the fact that they produce a simultaneous action at muscle level of subcutaneous cell tissue and at circulatory level:

– On the muscle, isometric muscle work has a firming and toning effect on the muscle fibre. Furthermore, the considerable increase in the metabolism which is produced involves an increase in the demand for oxygen and energy products, speeding up the metabolism of lipids and promoting the mobilisation of the fatty deposits of the body with a consequent SLIMMING effect.

– On the subcutaneous cell tissue, besides mobilising the fatty deposits, the isometric contraction acts by promoting themobilisation and resorption of the interstitial liquids and of the metabolic tissue waste retained therein.

– On the circulatory system, the muscle contraction exercises a pumping effect which promotes the return circulation.


MesodrainerTM System incorporates an innovative mechanism for the application of electro-impulses, the high conductivity gloves, which produce muscle contractions whilst simultaneously carrying out a massage of the area to be treated and the penetration of active ingredients for each treatment.

The high conductivity gloves facilitate the work of the therapist, bringing precision to drainage manoeuvres. The type of waves are totally safe and harmless to the body, with the treatments producing a pleasant sensation of well-being in the clients.

MesodrainerTM System treatment consists of the carrying out of a massage which acts directly on the lymphatic system, improving its essential functions, eliminating toxins and keeping the immune system in form.

It is applied by way of precise, gentle, surface and rhythmic manoeuvres. These manoeuvres act by activating and improving lymphatic circulation via its natural routes and promoting the elimination of lymph and interstitial (intercellular) liquids.

This therapeutic method decongests, unblocks and redirects the flow of lymph by way of the lymphatic system.

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