tmt system (Transcutaneous Mesodermic Therapy System) is an innovative and effective appliance based on the technology ofelectrophoroporation, a synergic combination of electroporation and electrophoresistechnologies, to achieve, by means of the application of micro-impulses, the massive penetration of active principles at a dermal level (without the need for needles), where the reparative mechanisms of the body are to be found.

It is a non-invasive technology permitting the application of active principles by means of a roll-on system, in a totally safe, hygienic and agreeable way.


Electroporation is a phenomenon which occurs when medium frequency currents modulated in low frequency are applied, causing the transitory opening of micro-pores in the skin, permitting the penetration of all kinds of substances (regardless of their molecular size and weight) at a dermal level, through the lipids of the horny layer.


Electrophoresis is the phenomenon caused by applying continuous high intensity currents to tissues, permitting the transport of ionic substances through the skin by means ofelectro-repulsion between charges.
By applying a pole to the skin with the same polarity as the charge of the substance, electro-repulsion is caused, permitting the penetration of the active principles.

The Mesoestetic laboratory has developed concentrated medical formulations to optimize results from the first session.

For the first time it is possible to reach the dermis without the need of needles or surgery.

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